Advance CRO Program : FlowStream Analytics

Know in-depth user behaviour before taking any action

Don’t restrict your growth at what Google, Adobe or Oracle click based analysis provides. Look beyond legacy solutions like Google Analytics or Adobe site-catalyst.

FlowStream analytics with Measurement precision and Advance AI – Get 50+ additional metrics than what clickstream based solutions provides.

ClickStream Analytics is Old. It is time for FlowStream Analytics!

Engagement Metrics

Get 15+ additional engagement metrics like “Active Time”, “Passive Time”, “Click Count”, “Hover Length”, “Scroll Depth” and many more.

Attention Metrics

Get 10+ special attention metrics like “Click Quality”, “Hover Attention”, “Scroll Attention” defining the engagement with attention.

Intent Segment & Scores

Get 20+ intent segments capturing your customer’s interest using their behaviour data and our advance AI. This helps you get the top product and features your customers are interested in.

Learn about your user while they learn about your brand.

Here are some ways that our clients are using our metrics:

To Understand customer's Engagement, Attention and Intent on your web properties
To Optimize Channel & individual campaigns performance
Identifying optimal creative or messaging in a campaign
To understand and optimize website with in depth web analytics
Understand A/B test outcomes with precise reasoning
Enable intelligence across marketing activities
Achieve marketing automation across different channels
Understand consumption or virality of content
Improve performance of their ML models