Identify your future customers

Improve retargeting ROI by 10X with complete automation

Send intelligence directly to your DSP’s and DMP’s in realtime.

How it works


Capture micro behavioural signals about your users. With advance ML, accurately identify your future customers.


Send this intelligence in real-time to your DSP (eg: Adword, DBM etc) at every user level.


Your marketing team can combine this intelligence to efficiently go after those who are more likely to purchase.

Advanced Remarketing Services - Omni Channel Platform


Custom API Integration

Are you using other / custom platforms? – Let us know and we can get your user intelligence to your preferred marketing platform.

How does Entent provides these advance remarketing services:

  1. Entent capture all behavioral data right from engagment , attention and intent of each visitors from your site
  2. Machine learning predicts the future customers and intent of these customers
  3. Then our dynamic audience sync allows you to create audience in real time in any media targeting platform
  4. Add this behavioral inteligence provided Entent in your existing campaign or create a new one
  5. Achieve complete automation and dynamic remarketing