CRO Program : Key Features

Traffic Quality Index

Get quality score for every traffic source & individual visitor, completely correlated with your business KPI. Achieve complete funnel optimization and get 60%** incremental lift.

Identify your future customers

30+ behavioural signals with Advance Machine Learning enables accurate identification of your future customers. Achieve 10X improvement in your Retargeting ROI with complete automation.

Discover Intent

Know the true interest of every visitor, broken at 5000+ your custom business segment level

Auto Lead Discovery

Lead score & auto interest discovery. Get 30%** lift in lead to sales conversion

Develop your own custom metrics

Use your KPIs to develop custom metrics relevant to your business. Give a boost to your analytics using behavioural data.

How we do it

Legacy products like Google Analytics & Adobe SiteCatalyst are based on Clickstream technology – capturing click level data from user’s onsite activities. In fact, in true sense it is mostly the data captured at every pageload event, hence missing out almost 93% of other signals provided by your users.

In Entent, using FlowStream™ we capture every interaction by your user, right from Pageload to hovering of mouse and we do it automatically & seamlessly without disturbing your page functionality or load time.

Pageload – Click – Scroll – Hover - Exposure - Engagement

These signals clubbed with proprietary advance ML techniques & Analytics provides real-time intelligence with below analytics.

Engagement metrics (15+) – Attention metrics (10+) – Intent metrics (20+)

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Introducing Marketing Suite Products for your Next Gen Behavioural Marketing


Real-time user behavioural intelligence for precision targeting & performance optimization. 30+ metrics for each user, measuring their Engagement, Attention & Intent. All made available for your Marketing, Product & Decision science team.


Accurately identify your future customers using advance ML and Behavioural science. Convert them before they convert with your competitors, and also improve your ROI by upto 10X**


Lead score for correct prioritization and get to know their interest before hand for a correct lead assignment & pitch personalization. Improve lead to conversion by 30%**

Enabling your team for

Marketing Optimization : Channel & Campaign

For Media team (Strategy, Optimization & Analytics)

    • Understand quality & intent of traffic from every source:
      • be it a single display banner vs other banner or a PPC adgroup vs another adgroup
      • take behavioural data driven decisions & continuously improve your channel efficiency
    • Marketing automation: Making this intelligence available in your CRM, DSP or DMP of choice

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Product optimization

For web/app analytics team (Optimize & Measure)

  • Identify the pain area within your pages – Navigation & Content
  • Improve conversion rate using build-in – path flow analysis, bounce rate analysis, Funnel analysis and more advance reports
  • Identify the content consumption trend on your page: Connect your upper funnel activity to lower funnel intent
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Custom ML

For your decision science team (Rich Data for any model & objective function)

  • Have a business KPI which depends on user’s onsite behaviour – their engagement, attention & intent??
  • Ingest raw visitor level Behavioural intelligence directly in your machine learning model
  • Improve performance (GINI/QINI) for existing or new model

Connect with us today for a DAAS (Data as a Service) contract and get data for your own business – check the lift and get a proof of value before the final contract

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