Advance Lead Scoring & intelligence for your CRM

Get 30% lift in conversions* and much more unseen ROI due to the time saved in understanding your client’s interest.

It’s not just about generating leads but about generating leads with intelligence attached!

Key Features

Lead Quality Index

Assign quality score to each onsite lead generated in your CRM

Auto Discovery

Understand the intent of every lead using their browsing behaviour

Empower your sales team to achieve more

Efficient Lead Prioritization

Lead quality index helps you in right prioritization of leads and reduces overall delay in action

Effective Lead Assignment

With advance knowledge of product and feature of interest, you can assign every lead to right sales representative.

Personalized Sales Pitch

With prior intent knowledge, start your conversation with the custom personalized sales pitch for every lead.

Beat your competition in no time. Key is to quickly identify and accurately understand your customers.

Help your sales team convert more leads with this astonishing marketing product. You will be a star marketer in no time.